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Busting the Myths About Legal Bud.

Legal Bud There has been a lot of speculation about what legal bud exactly is. There are many web sites out there that try to market legal bud in unethical ways with flashy photos of naked women covered in legal … Continue reading

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Feds on states legailzing marijuana

I feel the tide changing…

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GREAT article about the benfits of medical marijuana…

Very important article.  Critical read!!

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Marijuana Component Could Ease Pain from Chemotherapy Drugs, Study Suggests

 A chemical component of the marijuana plant could prevent the onset of pain associated with drugs used in chemo therapy, particularly in breast cancer patients, according to researchers at Temple University’s School of Pharmacy. The researchers published their findings in … Continue reading

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Antisychotic Effects of Cannabidiol

Antisychotic Effects of Cannabidiol   Background: In contrast to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol does not exert psychotomimetic effects. Cannabidiol was suggested a re-uptake inhibitor of anandamide and potential antipsychotic properties have been hypothesized for it. We therefore performed a clinical … Continue reading

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