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A note from the AKA:


Dear Kratom Warriors,
Utah, Georgia, and Arizona.

Protections for kratom consumers are now signed into law by 3 of America’s governors!

Thank you for your generous donations that made that happen.

Rhode Island, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, Kansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and New York have AKA lobbyists actively working to either block kratom bans or pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

But we have powerful enemies, and our success has raised the alarms at the FDA and with state regulators.  We are witnessing an unprecedented abuse of regulatory powers by unelected bureaucrats.  And it is not just at the FDA.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has pulled out all stops to ban kratom and criminalize anyone who uses it. The Arkansas Surgeon General refused to even listen to the science that shows pure kratom is not dangerous.

The bottom line is that these anti-kratom forces are going to do everything they can to stop us.

I am fighting back, and I know you feel just as strongly as I do.

Help us keep the momentum going…

Through our lobbying efforts, we were able to get the FY 2020 House Appropriations Report to include groundbreaking language that sends a clear signal that kratom needs more research, not locking the door on new science by classifying kratom as a Schedule I drug like deadly fentanyl.

Recently, the Health Minister of Indonesia agreed with the FDA and proposed to cut off kratom shipments to the United States.

So, we sent Mac Haddow, our Senior Fellow on Public Policy, to a kratom symposia convened by kratom growers in Indonesia, and our preliminary assessment is that we can protect kratom exports (more work is ongoing).

We are also targeting Idaho, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, and Alabama for the next legislative session on 2020 and need to fund the efforts to ensure passage.

There is much, much more that is going on behind the scenes that I cannot share right now, but I know we are making real, measurable progress.

But sometimes I read criticisms on social media posts about what the AKA is not doing.

That kind of rhetoric infuriates me…but when I check these critics, they are mostly people who have never contributed a dime to help with this fight.

That’s why I am so grateful for those who do understand we have to fight back and understand that we need professional lobbyists on the ground fighting for us.

Big PhRMA has an army of lobbyists, and we are winning against them because we have science on our side.

And you know that none of this comes without significant effort and money.

That’s the reality of it.

Every month I take a leap of faith and sign the checks for the lobbying teams that are our “boots on the ground” in Washington D.C. and in all of those states where we are protecting your freedom to buy safe kratom.

And every month I try to find a supporter who is willing to match your donations to keep this great work going.

Last month we didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but I have convinced a generous donor to give us another chance.

That donor has again pledged a 3X match for the first $70,000 donated, and a 4X match for every dollar donated after that.


If you already donated in the past few days, let me just say Thank You!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to donate, we desperately need your help to allow us to keep our lobbyists on the ground and working to keep kratom legal – and keep adulterated kratom off the streets.

Please make the most generous donation you can today!

Every single dollar makes a real difference.

I am going to be brutally honest — our lobbying fund account is so low I won’t have the money to pay our lobbyists at the end of this week and keep them working — unless you help right now.

Frankly, I need to raise at least $90,000 right away – and with the promised match for every donation — that will let me sign the checks needed to keep our boots on the ground working.

Our work continues, and with your help we will keep winning.

I want to thank every Kratom Warrior for all of the support you have generously provided.


Please accept my personal thanks to you.


David Herman


American Kratom Association
5501 Merchants View Square #202
Haymarket, VA 20169

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