Immune Boosting Syrup.

Wonderful, helpful article for the winter season colds and flus! We also use Elderberry as our go to medicine. Nothing works better!

The Plant Path Folk

This winter as a family we have managed to stave off most colds. No-one has had the flu and sore throats and chesty coughs have been minimal.

We make and consume Elderberry syrup regularly. It is well known for its support to the immune system, being antiviral, rich in vitamin C and ideal for colds and inflenza, and also useful in rheumatism.

Today is Imbolc a tradition Gaelic festival marking the begining of spring. We woke up this morning to a fresh covering of snow.

Winter hasnt finished with us yet so it seems…

To mark the day and make use of stored frozen berries, here is a method to make an Immune boosting syrup.

Traditionally Elderberry Rob, is made using only elderberries, and maybe some spice ie cinnamon. But, today we are using a combination of our foraged berries that were frozen; elderberry, hawthorn berry, blackberry, rosehips and some…

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