Usnea, Oldmans Beard Lichen.

Great info on a potent and very useful plant for medicinal purposes. Great job by the author.

The Plant Path Folk

It seems everywhere we look on the internet at the moment Usnea Lichen and its medicinal value keeps popping up. Weve always loved the lichens, such beautiful, enchanting and magical genus. Looking completely different in colour or texture when dry or wet. Dripping from branches or encrusted on trunks, they are a challenge to identify. The lichen species is an amazing combination of a symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae!! How cool is that. The fungus part gives structure to the algae, which in turn provides food through photosynthesis. Were in love already.

There are a huge number of species in the Usnea genus, and many have medicinal value. They can be found growing in unpolluted areas, and can be found mainly on trees such as conifer, apple and birch although the ones we found came off a very old oak tree. The scarcety of this species is an indicator…

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