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Ohio Board of Pharmacy Defers

Vote on Kratom


In a meeting of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy this morning on the proposed ban on kratom, the Board decided to defer any action until additional information is obtained on a number of key questions on the science relating to safety and addiction potential of the kratom plant versus adulterated kratom products. The next discussion on kratom is scheduled to take place in the March 2019 Board of Pharmacy meeting.

Our message that natural kratom is safe and has an addiction profile similar to caffeine is getting through, and our voices were clearly recognized at that meeting.

The Executive Director of the Board of Pharmacy told the Board about the thousands of comments received during the comment period, and mentioned the more than 450 emails received yesterday, and acknowledged that many kratom consumers are deeply concerned about the proposed ban. While the Board of Pharmacy Staff itself appears supportive of a ban on kratom, the Board Members themselves remain unconvinced and there may be some reasonable restrictions that would be acceptable to the staff and the Board of Pharmacy to join us in our commitment to protect the public safety with a safe supply chain of kratom products.

The American Kratom Association will continue to work with our Ohio lobbyist and with Ohio officials to make certain there is a clear understanding of the science on kratom and its safe use. We are deeply appreciative of everyone who has helped us work with the Board of Pharmacy, and look forward to continuing those efforts.

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