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Kratom Warriors:

As I sat down to write this letter to you, we just finished the AKA Webinar on what needs to be done in the event that the DEA decides to designate kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance.

I can tell you, based on conversations with our legal, legislative, and science teams over the last two days, and the message was confirmed in the Webinar, what we really need to be doing is to ramp up our own efforts to prevent the DEA from scheduling kratom at all.

Because of your support, the AKA has been able to hire lobbyists in Florida, Kansas, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Georgia, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin to fight proposed bans on kratom – or work to rescind existing bans.

We have won the support of every leading scientist in America who understands the real story on kratom.

We have won every battle in the states that we have been forced to defend kratom in so far.

But the fight continues even today because the FDA is doing everything in their power to create a shadow ban on kratom.

So, I am writing again for your help.

I know we will have kratom ban proposals in even more states as state legislatures convene new sessions in January 2019.

We cannot afford to not be ready to fight everywhere we need to.

We are winning the battle on the science that proves the FDA has been outright lying about the safety and addiction profile on kratom.

But they have an army of bureaucrats who are sinking their tentacles into every State Health Agency and Board of Pharmacy to try to sneak under the radar.

I am ready to hire whatever lobbyists we need to keep winning, but I can only do that if you send a donation for as much as you can today!

And I need to authorize another round of research so that our science team can dig even deeper to show how wrong the FDA is on kratom.

I hate to do this when we ought to be in the Christmas spirit, but the FDA is not going to rest until they criminalize every one of us who uses kratom.

I want to hire a legal team to fight the FDA on the Import Alerts and the kratom seizures they are doing almost every day.

I need to hire more lobbyists in the next week to fight in new states where kratom is threatened.

Will you please help?

Please CLICK HERE to donate.

Just a few minutes ago, a generous donor reached out and agreed to match every dollar donated IF we can raise $100,000 for this fight by midnight on Sunday, December 16.

So, we need to raise the first $100,000 and he will match it with another $100,000.

I promise we will make every dime count.

But I desperately need you to click the donation button right now and help with as much as you can possibly afford to help us get to the $100,000 goal.

Our freedom to make our own choices about our health and well-being depends on it.

The truth is, we have been winning these battles even though only about 4% of the people who read this email will actually respond with a donation.

If just 8% responded with a donation we could double our efforts and win even more battles.

The AKA is deeply grateful for everything you have done in the past to help in fighting the battle against all of the FDA misinformation.

And if you will click the donation button today, I will be even more grateful.

Your donation will make a real difference in this fight, and I am proud to stand with you in our efforts to preserve and protect our freedom to buy kratom.

Please help today by making a donation.


Dave Herman

American Kratom Association
5501 Merchants View Square #202
Haymarket, VA 20169

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