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Reason: February 20 is an awareness launch day for the Kratom community. This is a day for the entire kratom community  to show friends/family, the FDA and the world, that the Kratom community is a wonderful group made up of normal people. Many people, myself included, have had trouble telling their friends/family about Kratom because they fear stigmatism. There has, unfortunately, been more bad press than good press about kratom. This is a way for us to all stick together and let the world know that we feel good about our healthy choice, we love kratom and we are willing to defend our rights. #IAmKratom




I Am a Friend. I Am a Family Member. I Am a Citizen. I Am a Taxpayer. I Am Somebody You Know. I am Healthy. I am Happy. I am Kratom.


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Please, copy, post and share even if you do not personally use kratom. This is for the entire pro-kratom community to band together. Together #WeAreKratom

#IAmKratom I Am a Friend. I Am a Family Member. I Am a Citizen. I Am a Taxpayer. I Am Somebody You Know. I am Healthy. I am Happy. I am Kratom.


#IAmKratom – A good friend or family member of mine benefits from Kratom

#IAmKratom – I support the citizens’ right to make their own health/wellness choices

#IAmKratom – I choose natural remedies over chemical compounds

#IAmKratom – Kratom provides me with calm focus and enhances my work

#IAmKratom – Kratom has changed my life for the better

#IAmKratom – Kratom inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle

#IAmKratom – Kratom is an integral part of my fitness and wellness lifestyle

#IAmKratom – Kratom helped me defeat a dangerous addiction

#IAmKratom – Kratom is a cousin of the coffee plant, with similar characteristics

#IAmKratom – Kratom saves lives

#IAmKratom – I am humbled by nature’s gifts


Or, whatever you think best describes your personal kratom experience. Thank y’all so much! Please, remember the hashtag, #IAmKratom

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