This PETITION takes just seconds to sign. It is meant to complement, not replace, other efforts. Please share this far and wide.

Go to the AKA Facebook “like” PAGE where it’s a public post. Share it from there or copy the link http://petitiontrumpforkratom.org/.  On Twitter, the petition tweet is pinned on our PAGE.

Also, please consider a donation to the AKA.  Click HERE to donate.

We know it is the holiday season, money is tight, many of you have already donated. However, Just $5.00 dollars would be helpful, if everyone that receives this email donates, if everyone that you share it to gives $5.00…. we would be a long ways towards our needed amount. Just think, it could be YOUR $5.00 that WINS this fight!  Do it as an anonymous gift for someone you care about.

 This information brought to you by: www.legalherbalshop.com

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